Study Medicine in China
Guangxi Medical University

There is an opportunity now for Sri Lankan students to study in Guangxi Medical University, China through Alpha Immigration & Education Consultants which helps countless Sri Lankan students to study abroad. The University offers very affordable education and better accommodation facilities which cannot be matched by any other foreign university.
Located in the beautiful Nanning city in Southern China where climate is more suitable for Sri Lankan students. Nanning (in Chinese 南寧, Namzningz) means ‘’peace and quiet’’. Nanning is known as the “Green City” because of its abundance of lush tropical foliage One of the few city in China with ‘’virtually no snowfall’’. Annual mean temperature is 22 °C.
Guangxi Medical University is established in 1934. It is a government university which has 11,000 student population. The 6-year MBBS taught in English is also offered specially to the international students. This is one of the first universities in China to accept international students into its English language medical education program. In 2010, the university was voted one of the top 20 universities in China for medicine study [SOURCE –]. GMU has established exchange and cooperation links with universities, research institutes, and hospitals over 50 countries including UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Australia etc. Since 1978, the school has enrolled international students from 54 countries
GMU is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and Sri Lanka medical Council. The graduates may find employment from almost any country in the world (subject to qualifying exams & immigration controls).

Compared to other universities, the cost of studying in GMU is much more reasonable. The annual course fee for English medium MBBS is only 4,900 US dollars per year.

Travel and Discovery
Located in the eastern part of the world, China is a country with a long history and splendid civilization. Studying in Guangxi China is a best way for you to fully enjoy this charming and mysterious country. Here you will start a journey of brand-new exploration: experience its unique mix of ancient and modern civilization, enjoy its scenic beauty, study its profound culture as well as making friends with students from all over the world.

China is a nation of etiquette and Chinese people are warm-hearted and hospitable. The renowned four books and five classics in ancient China and the popularity of Confucianism had endowed the nation with a natural of comity and a consciousness of humility. As was written in the Analects of Confucius ‘isn’t it a great joy to have friends from afar’, foreigners who come to China always find them being welcomed by the local neighbors.
For more information please contact or 077 350 22 00 or visit to Alpha Immigration & Consultants office at 47 Peiris Road, Mount Lavinia. The next intake is in November 2016, however being a well recognized, affordable university GMU receives large number of applications from around the world. Students must apply as early as possible to avoid disappointments.